Samantha Kinkaid  has worked in somatic and mindfulness-based therapies with traumatized and high risk populations for over 15 years and has developed successful programs for inner-city high-risk teens, youth with autism, social and sensory challenges, and individuals of all ages who have experienced trauma.

Her work has been featured in Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice, India West, Nexus, Origin, Mantra, Yoga Therapy Today, and a number of local Southern California publications. She has also spoken on many panels discussing prevention strategies and multi-level healing aspects of human trafficking.

Currently pursuing her PhD in Psychology, Samantha is focused on the health and healing of survivors of trafficking and abuse, as well as counter-trafficking initiatives centered on education and environmental sustainability factors.

"Beyond the symptomatology of suffering, there are wounds deep within ourselves, society and the planet that need to be heard and explored. Creative, inclusive, and sensitive partnerships are essential in peacebuilding. My life's work is committed to a participatory process of revisioning the future and building bridges of peace."

Samantha speaks and leads workshops, trainings and retreats internationally for all ages, as well as advises a range of professionals and adult care-providers who work with children.